Why Do You Need a Sales CRM

Sales CRM is a valuable tool that can simplify your sales operations and improve efficiency. Using a good Sales CRM tool you can close more deals, increase sales, and improve forecast accuracy.There are many studies from Garter and Forbes that state that if used correctly, a CRM can improve sales productivity by 30% and sales forecast accuracy by 40% for most businesses that were previously using excel sheets & emails for managing sales activities. Sales CRM simply manages most of your critical customer information so that you can look at it all in one place.

Sales Leads

SimpleCRM can boost your sales in the following ways:

1. Enhance sales team productivity

The ability to quickly access accurate information on leads & opportunities is essential for sales team productivity. Sales CRM can streamline your process by automating lead management, account management, follow-ups, quotes, pricing, order processing, and other sales tasks. Adopting SimpleCRM will give your sales team a competitive advantage by reducing your costs, increasing sales revenue and increasing market share.

2. Build stronger customer relationships

Since Sales CRM will increase the productivity of your sales team, the sales team will be able to spend more time with customers. More time with customers ultimately results in an increase in the number and quality of customer interactions, deals closed and generating a larger, stronger customer base.

3. Getting better organized

Sales CRM helps sales team prioritize and automate their follow-up calls, meetings, emails, tasks, to-do reminders and other sales activities. The fast search capabilities of SimpleCRM allows the sales team to quickly locate and priority leads & opportunities based on search criteria. Being more organized means the sales team team is no longer wasting time on a disorganized search through leads & opportunities that are at different stages in the sales cycle.

4. Complete 360 degree view of your customers

Working in sales means working with several customers and potential leads every day. With so many contacts, it is important to have all the necessary information at your fingertips as you communicate with them. Sales CRM provides a complete picture of all of your current and potential clients. In SimpleCRM your sales team can build a profile for each current and potential client which can be added to in order to provide a more robust picture of each individual. Capturing more details allow your sales team to better formulate a sales pitch which successfully outlines how a product/service can meet the client’s needs. Instead of having silos of client information, your sales team will have one complete picture, therefore allowing your team members to easily create stronger customer relationships.

5. Improved sales reporting

It is of the utmost importance that sales is up to date in order to develop accurate forecasts which help provide a good view of the market conditions and predict sales. SimpleCRM’s reporting module not only has 50+ out of the box commonly required reports, but you can also build ad-hoc reports ads needed. SimpleCRM enables management to have real-time, accurate reports at fingertips that greatly enhances the forecasting and sales decision making ability.

Sales Channels

Lead Capture From Multiple Channels

SimpleCRM helps in capturing leads through a wide variety of mechanisms. Not only does it automate lead capture from traditional sources such as incoming emails, outbound or inbound calls, bulk leads from 3rd party sources, websites etc., but it also enables automatic lead capture through social listening, especially from Facebook and Twitter.

Rules Based Lead Assignment

Once leads are captured, SimpleCRM’s Lead Routing Engine enables the administrator to set powerful workflows through simple on screen drag and drop to define the lead assignment logic. For example, lead assignment based on lead source, lead type or lead location. It allows has a new lead holding bucket feature where incoming leads are put on hold pending manual review process.

Sales Leads

Opportunity Tracking

SimpleCRM defines & sets the sales stage dropdown depending upon the requirements in your organization. Based on the sales stage, the system calculates the probability of a sale.

e.g. At the Proposal sales stage, the system calculates the probability as 65%, and at the Negotiation sales stage, probability increases to 80%.

360o Customer Account Visibility

It is important to have all the necessary information at one place as you communicate with customer.  Build end to end profile for each current and potential client for robust picture of each client.  Capture prime information for your sales team to develop a sales pitch which outlines how a product/service can meet the client’s needs.

360 Sales
Effective Follow Up

Effective Follow-ups

Prioritize and automate activities like follow-up calls, meetings, emails, tasks, reminder notifications through pop-up and via email and other.  With effective follow-ups, build a relationship that could lead to additional sales from the same consumer and referrals to more potential clients.

Contact Management

With contact management you’ll be able to track your customers’ history, activities from contact to contract, so you’ll be fully prepared for every meeting and every opportunity. Close more deals, sell smarter, work more efficiently, and collaborate more effectively.

Sales contact

Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

A good CPQ system helps achieve faster lead to cash cycle, improves data and pricing accuracy, helps identify up-sell and cross sell opportunities, streamline discounting & approvals and much more! Gartner says that without a good CPQ system, salespeople spend less than 45% of their time selling, and, in some cases, actual client “face time” represents just 10% of the work week, with the remainder devoted to travel, administrative tasks and preparation.


PDF Template Builder

Create a Quote from SimpleCRM. Specify the account for which this quote is created and add a Product or Service Line. Users can define and add quantity, discounts, taxes wherever necessary based on which Sale Price, Total Price and Group Total will be calculated.

Design & maintain PDF templates for Quotes, Invoices, Contracts  & other modules

PDF Template

Sales Dashboards

SimpleCRM provides various key sales metrics & dashboards at your fingertips. There 50+ out of box reports, including:

Opportunity Amount by Sales Stages, Calls & Meetings by Sales Rep, Leads by Sales Rep, Leads by Status, Leads by Lead Source Accounts by Industries, Leads by Teams etc.

Sales Team Productivity Through Collaboration

SimpleCRM can streamline your process by automating lead management, account management, follow-ups, quotes, pricing, order processing, and other sales tasks. It will reduce costs, increasing sales revenue and increasing market share.


Partner Portal

Partner relationship management  helps partners sell more effectively, close more business, and achieve greater profits.  Collaborate sales process, maintain channel communications, generate and manage leads, exchange notes and documents.  You can accomplish this by granting your partners access to a SimpleCRM partner portal.

Competitor Tracking

Understand competitive advantages/disadvantages relative to Competitors

Estimate where a business and its products stand relative to Competitors, and a business can respond to that information

Build out detailed profiles on each of its Competitors. Analysis can be undertaken, each Competitors’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats can be identified and recorded.


Mobile App

View events in your personal daily activity screen

Quick access to important information

Use the quick create menu to create common tasks

Access contact information all from one location

Make calls and send emails within the app