Chatbot simply means a virtual assistant to your customers and prospects anytime across multiple channels like social media, website, mobile app etc.

For example a prospective customer is browsing your website in the odd hours, he will certainly drop off from your website after a while if he doesn’t get what he is looking for.

But imagine if you have 24*7 virtual assistant available in your website who is having one to one personalised conversation with your prospects helping & guiding them. Certainly you have a bright chance to engage your prospects positively.

Manage Leads, Accounts
Manage Leads, Accounts

Chatbot for Different Industries

We can customize chatbots for your industry for example:

  • Chatbot in banking sector can help customer’s to manage money, track expenses and analyse spending across multiple accounts through banks mobile app or facebook.
  • How about automated insurance agent (Chatbot) who instantly provides all policy related information like premium due & paid till now, suggestions on which policy to buy and sales with one to one conversational experience with policyholders at anytime either on the insurer website or on the app?  This will surely take customer service to next level.
  • Since young people are always on their smartphones chatbots will be a smart way to reach out to students. Chatbots can be customized as needed for higher education sector. Idea is to reach out to students through social media or navigate them through your website providing information that they are looking for.

Chatbot in social media and website

If businesses wants to grow they should use chatbot in social media e.g. facebook. Because of rising popularity of messaging apps among people businesses wants to catch their prospects where they are. Since Chatbot can answer query any time of the day, not just during business hours icing on the cake is chatbot gives feel of talking to a human

Track Calls, Meetings
Locate Leads & Contacts Near You

Chatbot for Customer Support & Feedback

  • Chatbot will help you to earn your customer loyalty by supporting them beyond normal working hours.
  • Enhancing opportunity for cross selling and up selling and all this can be seamlessly integrated with SimpleCRM.
  • Facilitates instant support and query resolution making your customers happy. Quick answers for simple questions.
  • Chatbot can prompt predefined questions to capture customer’s feedback.

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